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Video Library

We’ve divided our extensive video library into three sections: Selling a FreshStart, Training Materials, and Onsite Services. Scroll down to view each section, or click on each button to navigate to that section of the page.

To select a specific video, hover your mouse over the first video in that section and use the arrows that appear to navigate to the video you wish to watch.

Selling Videos


The videos in this section are all about what the FreshStart service is and how it can help your customers.

    1. Get a PC FreshStart Service
    2. Get a New PC FreshStart Service
    3. Understanding PC Performance Problems
    4. Introducing FreshStart
    5. Introduction to Being a FreshStart Service Provider
    6. Selling a FreshStart Service
    7. Example Counter Service

Training Videos


The videos in this section discuss how to prepare a FreshStart drive and then run the FreshStart service.

    1. Imaging a Drive
    2. Installing a Replacement Drive
    3. Running the FreshStart Program
    4. After a FreshStart — Tech Guide
    5. After a FreshStart — Customer Guide


Onsite Videos