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This page is restricted to certified uBreakiFix FreshStart Service Providers. By adding FreshStart to your store’s services, you’ve just joined a movement that is revolutionizing the PC Service Industry. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to get your store up and running as a licensed FreshStart Service Provider.

Here are the 4 simple steps to getting started:

  1. Review our Terms of Service
  2. Complete your store or business Registration Form and send to griffin@cyber-spa.com
  3. Watch the following 2 videos:
  4. Using the password provided to you after you register, log-in below and click on “purchase drives” to register with Accutech to get access to purchase discounted WD and SanDisk storage products.

Once you have sent your registration form(s) and watched these videos, send an email to griffin@cyber-spa.com to set up your 15-minute onboarding call, after which you will receive your FreshStart License Keys,  CPR / CT page Login, and the answers to any questions that you might have.

Important Note: To begin delivering FreshStart services you will need to download the FreshStart Imaging Tool onto a Windows 7 or 10 Service PC (laptop or desktop). This PC will need to have a working USB port, preferably USB 3.0, and 200 GB of available storage space to host the current 14 FreshStart WIM images.