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Training Materials

Whether you’re just starting to learn about FreshStart, or you want to refresh your memory about how everything works, we’ve got you covered!

Our FreshStart Service Videos will take you through the entire process, from understanding the issues that current PCs face, to how FreshStart can help, to how to offer the service to your customers.

FreshStart Imaging Tool

Prepare your service PC by downloading our FreshStart Imaging Tool. When the program loads, you can download the FreshStart WIM images you need to image the replacement drives.

FreshStart Tech Guide

This guide provides you everything that you need to know to successfully sell and deliver FreshStart services.

After a FreshStart PDF Guide

Print this guide to review with your customers when they come to pick up their PC. This guide shows them everything they’ll need to do when they get home to finish setting up their PC.

For a step-by-step breakdown of each part of the process, visit out videos page.  You can view all of our videos by visiting our YouTube channel!