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Service Providers: Electronics Repair Stores

We have news for you: the future in your store’s growth and profit is in PCs, not smart phones. Why? Because everyone wants to buy the latest smart phone, but nobody really wants to buy a new PC. The PC has become an appliance, like a refrigerator. You want to keep it for as long as you can, and you just want it to work well.

Becoming a FreshStart Service provider will help you rapidly expand your PC service business without the need to expand your team of experienced techs. Why? Because you can teach anyone who can remove a hard drive how to become a first rate FreshStart service tech in an hour or less.

Interested? Read the Retail Service Provider Business Opportunity PDF below to learn more about how it works. When you’re done, fill out and send in the registration form below to info@cyber-spa.com. We’ll contact you and make sure that you have everything you need to get started.

In the meantime, we also recommend that you watch the video on How to Sell FreshStart Services and our Step by Step Delivering a FreshStart Service Guide for Retail Stores. Once you’re registered, you could be delivering FreshStart services the very next day- it’s that easy!

How to Make Money with FreshStart:

PDF Guide for Retail Stores