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Service Providers: Electronics Repair Stores


The business impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic will be with us for many months and perhaps even years to come.  It is dramatically changing the way people work, learn, and live their lives.

Independent and Franchise Electronics Repair Stores will need to alter their business model if they want to succeed in this new world.  So, what’s changing?

  • Cell phone repair revenues will decline. It is much harder to damage your phone if you spend most of your time on your couch or at your home office desk
  • The home PC has become a much more critical device now with more people working and going to school from home
  • The home PC is also being used constantly now, which means the typical Windows PC’s 25% annual decline in performance is going to get even worse
  • The majority of Windows PCs are still running on slower electromechanical hard drives. The HDD average life span is 4 years under normal use, and now current use is anything but normal
  • More than 50% of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck and could not afford a $400 new PC before Covid 19 blew up our economy — That percentage will sadly continue to grow


CyberSpa is offering to Electronics Repair stores a way to help the members of your community deal with the challenge of slow, overworked or simply dead drive PCs. Retail stores willing to help us get the word out and to provide our game changing PC FreshStart service to the members of their community have an opportunity to join our rapidly growing network of FRESHSTART SERVICE CENTERS!

Becoming a FreshStart Service Center requires a small investment in dollars. Your biggest investment will be in effort from store management to make helping the thousands of struggling PC owners in your community a new store service priority.

You’ll love the rewarding experience of being an active member of our team! Every service comes with a smiling customer when they boot their newly FreshStarted PC for the first time. You’ll be smiling because every FreshStart service delivers a good profit per service. There is very little chance that your community will run out of poorly performing older PCs anytime soon, but you can get those customers smiling again.

FreshStart PC Kit Testimonials windows 10 upgrade

This brief video provides you an overview of the FreshStart Service Center opportunity. After watching this, please select from the choices below to gain access to your company’s proprietary webpage, where you will find everything that you need to join the FreshStart team. If you are an Independent Store please send a request for registration to info@cyber-spa.com.

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