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Whether you’ve been in the industry for thirty years or you’re just starting out, you can build a successful business by offering a FreshStart Service in your community. The FreshStart process is a comprehensive service that is fast, easy, and affordable to ensure that you can earn a living performing this service, and your customers are always happy with the result.

Building up a successful business can take some time, but we have some tips that will help you get started, no matter where you’re located or how you do business:

Mobile Service Without Brick and Mortar Location

If your business is primarily you going to your customers and you do not have a physical store, it’s imperative to make sure that you have a strong web presence. You’ll want a digital storefront that gives your customers all of the information they need to know about you and your business:

  • Your certifications, experience, and testimonials (if applicable)
  • The services you provide
  • The prices for those services
  • How to reach you (phone, email, web contact form)
  • Hours and area of operation

Your Certifications and Experience

Your customers want to make sure that you know what you’re doing before they let you handle their computers. If you have any technical certifications, degrees, or related experience, make sure that you have an “About Us” page that provides this information. If you’ve been doing this for years but you do not have any documentation, you’ll want to provide testimonials from creditable sources to give your customers confidence in your services.

The Services You Provide

Include a list of the services you offer. If it’s too long, consider highlighting five of your most common services and then mention that you can perform other services upon request. This gives your customers an idea of what you’ve done in the past and what you might be able to do to help them. If you’ve performed a FreshStart Service, let your customers know! If you haven’t, let them know that you’ve completed hard drive replacements in the past.

The Prices for your Services

On the same page, you may want to include a list of prices for the services you provide. Most service providers have a flat diagnostic fee on top of parts and service, so be sure to let customers know about how much your services will cost. If you read our Service Provider Guide (found on our Marketing Materials page), we have a section that goes into pricing in further detail.

How to Reach You

Your website should include at least one page with information on how your customers can reach you, including your phone number and email address. It might be best to include this information in the header or footer of your website as well, just so that your customers do not have to click through multiple pages to find this information.

Hours and Area of Operation

Since your business involves going to your customers, you need to make sure that they know when you will be available to set up appointments. Provide a range of hours for customers to contact you, and be sure to adjust the schedule as needed if you find that these hours do not meet your customers’ needs. You’ll also want to make a note of how far you are willing to travel—if someone lives far outside of your regular service area, you may want to make a note about additional travel expenses.

Small Business with Storefront

For businesses with physical stores, most of the information mentioned above will already be posted in your store, but it’s important to have a strong web presence too. If you do not have a website that covers the information above, consider revising your existing website or building a new one to make sure that your customers have as many ways to contact you as possible.

As an established PC repair business, your biggest challenge will be introducing the FreshStart service into your regular mode of operations. You may have customers who are unfamiliar with the service and may not know that a FreshStart is the best solution for their PC woes. You may also have representatives on your store’s floor who are not sure what a full FreshStart entails, or why it might be a great choice for some of your customers.

It is important that your representatives are familiar with the service and can answer any questions about the product that customers may have, such as which systems it supports, how long it takes, and so forth. Being familiar with the product will also allow your representatives to suggest FreshStart as an easy and affordable solution for customers dealing with viruses, dying hard drives, and slow PCs.

If there are multiple people working at your store, make sure that they have all read through and understand our Service Provider Guide, and have watched the 6-minute how-to video that shows how a FreshStart service is performed. You may also want them to review the FAQs on our FreshStart website to familiarize themselves with some of the more common questions that customers ask when learning about this product.

You will also need to determine if you are going to offer FreshStart as a same-day, overnight, or onsite service. The active time you need to be working on the service is minimal, but the complete process may take a few hours, depending on how much data your customer has and what their PC’s USB connection is like. For drop-off PCs, you can make sure that the program is running smoothly and then go on to assist other customers. For onsite work, your service provider needs to be there about 30 minutes.

Expand Your Business

Once you’ve got your business up and running, the next thing you’ll need to do is find your customers. To start off, you might want to investigate places in your community where people may have older computers that are getting to the point where the PC needs a new hard drive. There are usually multiple places with these opportunities: retirement communities, community colleges, religious gatherings, local meetups, etc—you can post flyers about your business and hand out business cards or brochures to make people aware of your services.

If you’re interested in having customers and service opportunities sent to you, we suggest registering as a certified technician with Velexo Services. Their contractors will be providing the FreshStart installation services that customers can purchase on our FreshStart website. Once registered, you receive alerts to FreshStart Service opportunities in your area, so you can select the jobs that fit within your schedule. To learn more about becoming a Velexo contractor, please visit our “Calling all PC Service Providers” page.

Resources Available to You

We know that getting the word out there can be tough, so we’ve created some materials for you to help promote your FreshStart business. Be sure to visit our Marketing Materials page!

In the marketing bundle, you’ll find brochures, flyers, posters, and even videos that you can place around your store to show your customers that you provide a FreshStart service. You can download the entire zip file, or expand the tabs below to pick and choose what you want. You are free to use these on your website and modify them to add your business information so that you can provide a customized experience for your customers.

Get Featured!

We love to hear from our techs! If you’ve performed FreshStart services for your customers and would like to get featured on our website, please email us at info@cyber-spa.com with “Testimonial” in the title of your email, and tell us a little about your experiences performing these FreshStart services. Be sure to send us your name, business name, your website, and any profile pictures or logos you would like us to post.