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We love our techs, and we want our FreshStart service providers to succeed! If you haven’t already, be sure to register as a FreshStart technician to order Kits with a $20 discount. We’ve also provided the materials you can use to promote your services both on the road and in a store (check out the Marketing Materials tab on our Order A Kit page). We’ve also given you tips on how to provide the best service possible in our FreshStart Service Delivery Guide. However, in such a competitive field, going the extra mile really helps you stand out from the crowd.

Below are six things to help small business techs boost their business—how many of these are you already doing?

16x16 Advertising by Word of Mouth

Your best customer is a happy customer, because when they like the service you provide, they’ll be sure to tell their friends. After FreshStarting a customer’s PC, remember to follow-up and offer additional service if they need it. They might not need anything done, but their neighbor might. If you’ve left a great impression, and you’ve left them a business card or easy way to get in touch with you, half the work is already done. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to tell others about how you can help them, and you’ll gain more of a following.

16x16Social Media

One of the best ways to get that word of mouth going is by being active on various social media channels. If you haven’t already, set up a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and maybe even a Youtube channel where you can post videos about your work or topics related to the services you provide. Active social media accounts also make you more visible in online searches and around the web, which will increase the number of your potential customers.

You don’t have to say a lot—a simple sentence or two, such as “Did you know FreshStarting your old PC can make it run even better than when you first bought it?” can pique a reader’s interest enough to get them interested. Asking questions can encourage customers to reblog and discuss their own thoughts and opinions, which in turn mean that your post is seen by even more people.

16x16 Finding Target Customers

Although it’s great to get your customers talking about you as a way to get new business, you want to spend some time actively pursuing new customers as well. Successful small business owners know their target audience and go that extra step to get in touch with them. As a FreshStart service provider, you might want to consider going onsite to retirement communities or community colleges to offer and advertise your services.

Going onsite to your target customer’s location is important, even if you only provide drop-off services to your customers. Being onsite makes you more visible, and it allows you to interact with your customers to see what kinds of services they need. It also gives them a chance to put a name to a face, which means they will be more likely to remember you when they need help with computer services.

16x16 Have a Business Card

It may seem self-explanatory, but a business card is good for business! Having a physical card, sticker, magnet, etc. with the different ways people can contact is an inexpensive way to get your information out to potential customers. Business cards are great if you’re at an event, making a house call, or sending out query letters to offer bundled services. One-sided cards are especially helpful, because if you jot down notes on the back of your card, it helps the person you spoke with remember your conversation. You may want to have cards that include the FreshStart logo so your customer remember the name of the service you provide.

If you usually make home visits, sometimes offering an additional item with your contact information– like a magnet or notepad—is a great way to keep your business brand out in the open and within sight. When your customer sees these items, he or she will remember to give you a call when they need help.

16x16 Build a Website

In this day and age, every business needs a website, no matter how old or how big that business is. You don’t need an extensive website to start—it can be as simple as a page with your contact information, your business hours, a list of the services you provide (with prices!), and a photo for customers to recognize you. No matter how much content you have on your website, make sure that the entire site is streamlined and easy to navigate.

As you build your business, however, you’ll want to add more information to further establish your brand. Be sure to include a page with testimonials about previous work you’ve done, and make a note of what service you performed for that customer if they do not mention it in their quote. For instance, add a caption under a quote from a happy customer that says “FreshStarted Nancy’s PC to clear up her computer’s viruses and slow hard drive.”

When you’re describing your services, remember to use keywords throughout the text, such as “FreshStart,” “PC repair,” and “hard drive replacement.” Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices help boost your website’s visibility when customers are doing searches for services in their area. Make sure that it’s easy to get in touch with you, too, either by phone or email!

16x16 Provide Excellent Customer Service

What people say about your services can make or break your business. One of the best ways to ensure a happy (and return) customer is to provide world-class service throughout the entire process—before they hire you, during the service, and afterwards. Make sure that your customers know how much you value their business—this will make a great impression and make them more likely to turn to you when they need help in the future, and to suggest your services to friends and family who might also need your help.

Before You’re Hired

How do you provide world-class service to potential customers? Make everything as easy as possible for them from the start. If someone is looking for a FreshStart service, make sure that your website makes it clear that you can do this for them—we’ve got images you can modify and use throughout your site in our Marketing Materials tab on the Order a Kit page of our website. Your customers want a fast, easy way to find help, and first impressions can make all of the difference when it comes to choosing who they’ll hire for the job.

During Service

Once the customer gets in touch, communication is key. Respond to them as quickly as possible, not only to answer any questions that they have, but also to show them that you are easy to get ahold of and responsive when they need help. If a customer asks you how long it will take to get a FreshStart Kit installed, for example, you can email them back and let them know that the process itself takes 30 minutes, but if you need to order a kit for them it could take a few days. If they ask you something that you don’t know the answer to, let them know that you will find out and get back to them within a certain time frame—and make sure that you actually get back to them with what you find out.

During the service period, make sure that you maintain this communication. If you’re at the customer’s home or office, talk to them about their PC and let them know what you’re doing. If the service is being done at your business’ location, be sure to give them a call to keep them apprised of any issues that might come up, or when you expect the service will be done. Keeping them in the loop lets them know that you are handling their case with care and gives them confidence that you value their business.

After the Job

When the service is done, answer any questions they have before you leave their place or before they go home with their PC. In the case of a FreshStart, we have an entire section about how to educate your customer on the steps that come after a FreshStart service. Don’t forget! You can read this in our FreshStart Service Delivery Guide.

After a few days, if you have not heard back from the customer, send them an email or give them a call to follow-up with your service. Ask them how their PC is doing, and make sure that they don’t have any new questions or concerns. Following up is a great way to make sure that your customer is 100% satisfied with the service you provided, as well as an easy way to remind them that your services are available in case they ever need assistance again.

A little effort can lead to big results! We believe that by providing a FreshStart service to your customers and by following the practices above, your business will make a positive and lasting contribution to your community. Register as a FreshStart technician today!