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The CyberSpa team is pleased to announce that we are now accepting service provider registrations on our CyberSpa website! As a registered PC Service Provider, we offer you a $20 discount off of our standard prices to consumers. You’ll also have access to all of our marketing materials, which you can use to promote your FreshStart Service on your company website.

Simply go to our Calling all PC Service Providers page and click on the “Order your discounted Kits now” button to get started. Read through and agree to a short disclaimer, provide your email address, and then you’re all set! You can immediately buy your discounted Kits.

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What is a FreshStart Service?

A FreshStart Kit includes everything you need to complete an automated hard drive, software replacement, and virus scan for your customer. However, a FreshStart Service is not just replacing a hard drive and plugging in a cable, it’s about educating the customer and providing a positive experience.

The standard FreshStart onsite Service should take only 30 minutes of your time or less, although you may choose to offer follow on support to your customers. If you’re performing the FreshStart service at your business location, it will take even less time.

For a more detailed explanation of what a FreshStart service entails, please read our FreshStart Service Delivery Guide, located on our Marketing Materials page.

Why should I offer a FreshStart Service?

You know the old adage “time is money”? Whether you’re a certified tech or you’re just the person people call when their computer acts up, you can build your business and save yourself a lot of time by providing this fast and simple service. We’ve made our process as comprehensive, quick, and easy as possible: simply replace the old drive with the new FreshStart hard drive, turn the PC on, plug in the old drive, and let the program do the rest—you’re done in no time.

From a customer’s point of view, this is a great deal: their computer is ready in a few hours, and it runs faster and has more storage than the day they bought it. All of their files have been copied over to their new drive, and all of that data has been scanned by Norton for viruses and malware. In the end, they can keep using their old PC for a few more years.

As a service provider, the benefits are even better: If you’re a technician who works out of a store or shop, you can set up a few machines at a time and let them run in the background while you assist other customers. In store, you may be able to bundle in additional items with your customer’s FreshStart Service, such as a case for their old hard drive, or an additional service to reinstall non-standard programs that were not copied over during the FreshStart process. On-site, you’ll only be there for about 30 minutes, but you can use that time to build a relationship with your customer to let them know that they can rely on you for any of their future PC service needs.

When you’re done, you’ve got a happy customer and you’ve made a nice profit from just a few minutes’ worth of work.

FullKitplusNorton_newWhat does becoming a Service Provider on the CyberSpa site get me?

By becoming a Service Provider, you’ll get instant access to our store where you can purchase your discounted FreshStart Kits. You’ll also find a “Marketing Materials” tab, which includes a zipped file of posters, a trifold brochure, videos, banners, and more. All of these materials are free for modification and use on your website and in-store.



Coming Soon!

In the next few weeks we will be expanding our business to include service and kit bundles and service offerings to our customers through Velexo Contractors. If you or your company has not already signed up to be a Velexo contractor, click here and give them a look. Their contractors will be providing nationwide FreshStart services to our customers who want to purchase an in-home or in-office FreshStart Service, so if you would like to have an opportunity to receive these service calls, be sure to register now!

 We hope you’ll join our growing family of FreshStart PC Service Providers! If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at info@cyber-spa.com.