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FreshStart Promo PC


The Promo PC is an excellent tool for service providers serious about promoting their FreshStart services and expanding their store’s growth. Use it for displaying your marketing materials, or in a pinch, you can even use it as a service PC to perform services!

When you buy a Promo PC, you’re get:

  • A fully functional Windows 10  mini PC
  • FreshStart Imaging software and Windows 10 64 Bit FreshStart WIM images pre-loaded
  • Vertical & landscape oriented marketing videos
  • One SATA to USB 3.0 Cable for use with laptop FreshStart services
  • One 2-use FreshStart License Key included

Step up your store’s success with the FreshStart Promo PC!

When you buy a Promo PC, you’re not just making an investment in your store, you’re joining a nationwide network of service providers. Your purchase lands you on the FreshStart service provider map so customers can easily find and contact you.

Use it for in-store marketing.

Turn any extra monitor or TV in your store into the ultimate FreshStart selling device! Perfect for keeping your customers entertained when they visit your store. Simply plug the Promo PC into any HDMI monitor or TV and you can play the preloaded FreshStart advertising videos to promote your PC service. These promotional videos are exclusive to Promo PC purchasers, and we are constantly creating new content so you can keep your displays fresh.

Use it for your PC services.

The Promo PC comes with all the Windows 10 64bit FreshStart images so you can easily get your service PC up and running after you transfer the files. Don't have a service PC? No problem! The Promo PC is powerful enough that you can use it to images drives-- just make sure that you've allowed for the longer imaging time in your estimation of how long the service will take.

Don’t wait! The FreshStart Promo PC is the powerful marketing tool you’ve been waiting for. Still need convincing? The Promo PC can be used as a service PC, too!

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Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in