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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Millions of students and families across the country are in need of a PC right now!

Most low-cost PCs are sold out and less functional Chromebooks are on back order everywhere.

Together we can solve this problem! Watch this short video below to find out how.

The Steps to FreshStart Success

CyberSpa has a network of hundreds of professional PC service shops all over the country that can be set up and ready to accept “Closet PC” donations in 24 hours or less. So what do we need to do to get these millions of potential RP4K laptops into the hands of the students and families who need them?

If you are a local or national non-profit organization or a school or school district trying to help solve this problem, we need to hear from you! This is what we need:



Step # 1 – Register With CyberSpa

We need your help in identifying the specific number of laptops needed in your community(s) or school(s) and where they are to be delivered.

Step #2 – Set Up Your PC Service Partner(s)

Once we know the target number, we will work with you and our participating local PC service shops to launch a fast and effective local “Closet PC Harvest” campaign to get those donor laptops to those shops.

Step #3 - Launch Your Campaign

Last but not least, we need your help to secure funding for the purchase of these “like new” RP4K laptops and their delivery to their new homes.

If there is a need in your community, please let us know by filling out this simple requirements form below and send it to ashay@cyber-spa.com A member of our team will contact you to discuss the details of your RP4K laptop need and make sure that your local RP4K donor center and campaign is ready to roll!

Register Today!

Click here to download our registration form and start an RP4K campaign in your community.

Downloadable Content

Download Promotional Materials!

Click here to download the zipped marketing files of posters and social media ads you can use to promote the Real PCs For Kids program in your area: