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Your students are facing a lot of difficult challenges this year, but finding a PC to use at home shouldn’t be one of them.

Our Real PCs For Kids program updates donated laptops that are still in good working condition and gives students the tools they need to succeed for a fraction of the cost of a new PC or Chromebook.

How It Works

Complete our registration form and email it to ashay@cyber-spa.com  Once we receive your registration we will contact you and help you get started on your local laptop donation campaign.

We will also connect you with a local member of our nationwide network of FreshStart Service delivery partners to both serve as your donation drop-off center and StartFresh PC upgrade service provider.

Once you have watched the video above, this program guide PDF should answer any questions that you might have. You can download the marketing materials at the bottom of this page and customize them as you like whenever you are ready to get started.

Download the PDF!

Click here to download our guide to launching a Real PCs For kids campaign in your community!

The Steps to FreshStart Success

This program will cost you about $100 a computer (labor + parts), but its true success depends on how much effort you are willing to put in. This will be a combination of your efforts getting the word out in your community and working with your service provider to tell their customers about this great opportunity to clean out their closets while helping local students in need.

When it comes down to it, there are three steps you will need to take:


Step # 1 – Register With CyberSpa

Contact us at ashay@cyber-spa.com to tell us more about your school district and the area you serve, as well as how many laptops you are hoping to be able to purchase at the $100 StartFresh Real PCs for Kids program price. This will help us to advise you on the most cost-effective local outreach plan.

Step #2 – Set Up Your PC Service Partner(s)

We will help you to connect to a local PC Service Partner if one has not already contacted you to volunteer. You can use our draft service contract agreement below to get onboard officially with your local Professional PC Service retail partner.

Step #3 - Launch Your Campaign

Whether you need 50 laptops or 500, you will be shocked at just how many of those closet laptops are available in your district. Your primary responsibility is getting the word out to the members of your community who are most likely to have an old PC they’re willing to donate.

Save time:  Click here for a draft copy of a standard “Real PCs for Kids Service Delivery Partner Contract Agreement.”

Downloadable Content

Download Promotional Materials!

Click here to download the zipped marketing files of posters and social media ads you can use to promote the Real PCs For Kids program in your area: