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Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v.2.5.7021

2.5.7021 Update ChangelogFreshStart Tech Console changes:-Fixed rare issue where free space available (internal service pc drive) would show as 0 GB available while downloading images.-Polished animated buttons/GUI.-Removed some depreciated functions.-Prepping backend...

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v.2.5.7009

2.5.7009 Update Changelog FreshStart Tech Console changes: Added a resume feature behind our download method. When a download fails, it automatically retries the download from the current position of the file, which greatly increases image downloads success. Image...

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v.2.5.7005

*2.5.7005* FreshStart Tech Console changes: -Fixed issue where the windows peek would not display the main form while minimized. -Fixed minor bug where download images button would not stop flashing after successfully updating the images. -Resolved minor memory leak....

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v.2.5.7001

*2.5.7001* FreshStart Tech Console changes: -Replaced some primary buttons on GUI. -Write to disk button now glows when all settings required have been met. -Download images button now glows when updates are available. -Update AV definitions button now glows when...

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v.2.5.6003

*2.5.6003* FreshStart Tech Console changes: -Fix issue that occurred when Freshstart license key had zero uses left. -Stability improvements. -Minor text fixes.

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v.2.5.6000

Update Changelog: *2.5.6000* FreshStart Tech Console changes: -Added Freshstart training videos link to the bottom of the Tech Console. -Changed antivirus definition update alert from 72 hours to 48 hours. -Updated some dependent files. -Fixed rare issue where tech...

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v.2.5.5004

*2.5.5004* FreshStart Tech Console changes: -Fix issue where opening the Freshstart Tech Console with no internet connection resulted in a pop up that instructed the user to fix the system time. -Fixed issue where clicking create drive button would result in infinite...

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v.2.5.5000

2.5.5000 Update Changelog FreshStart Tech Console changes: -Restart service now auto continues upon booting up the customers machine. -Text fixes for each service. -Minor bug fixes. Thanks for the continued feedback!  Some updated WIM images will be available by the...

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v.2.5.4003

*2.5.4003* FreshStart Tech Console changes: -Added new feature to be able to change where the images are stored (highly requested). Image directory can only be changed when your not downloading an image or creating a drive. The hide feature (protects from formatting...


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