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FreshStart Tech Console changes:
-Replaced some primary buttons on GUI.
-Write to disk button now glows when all settings required have been met.
-Download images button now glows when updates are available.
-Update AV definitions button now glows when definitions are older than two days.
-Fixed issue where Startfresh service would not auto continue/complete (while in the customers pc).
-Startfresh service now auto disables install driver checkbox when selected.
-Increased image download speed cap limit to 15MB/s.
-Changed download speed suffix from MBps to MB/s.
-Fixed time elapsed issue when downloading took more than one day (24 hours).
-All around stability/performance fixes.
-Updated some dependency files.
-Minor text fixes.
-Other minor bug fixes.

Freshstart HD changes:
-Increased batch script text that properly displays the current task.
-Fixed auto start Startfresh service.
-Minor stability fixes.
-Minor bug fixes.
-Minor text fixes.