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FreshStart Tech Console changes:
– Drive imaging algorithm reworked to provide best performance on hardware and processing now happens on the Tech Console.
– Removed the script that runs at application exit (deleting dlls and temp folders). We can have them remain as the application is now installed into the program files default folder.
– Fixed the issue where the current image finished downloading and would not wait for the image to finished being used by the drive creation, then replaces the old image with the newly downloaded one.
– Removed some references to old files.
– Moved Freshstart HD.exe app, from resources in this app to the server to be downloaded as a required file. Makes the Tech Console weigh less, but also allows us to update the Freshstart HD.exe app much quicker to get fixes an updates out faster.
– Fixed the cancel drive creation buttons (minor issues).
– Fixed issue where you had an old version of the image but you could not create a drive while downloading the new version of that image.
– Added a manual drive selection refresh button for when auto drive refresh fails to get drive serial number.
– Increased tool tips delay to 1 second.
– Other minor bug fixes.
– Minor text fixes.