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FreshStart Tech Console changes:
-Updated images alerts are now live.  You will not notice anything visually until an image is updated in the future.  When an image update is available, you will see a label above download images button that reads “Image Updates Available!”.  At that time, click the download images button to view which images were updated and/or download any other images.
-Minor text fixes.
-Other minor bug fixes.
FreshStart HD app changes (v1.4.2.7):
-Removed the password for accounts created with the Freshstart Service.
-Replaced the Freshstart completion screen to reflect the password removal changes.
-Readme PDF version now depends on the service that is being performed.
-Microsoft Edge .exe issue fixed.
**Updated Windows 10 images be released by the end of the week(10/20/2017)**
-Fixes the Windows 10 Start Menu issues.
-Other behind the scene fixes.