We just pushed an update for the tech console; Please see below for a list of the changes and fixes included in version 2.1.1151.


FrehStart Tech Console changes:
-Removed some pop up messages when things were a success (e.g. no more “drive creation granted!”) to make flow smoother.
-Fixed issue where drive formatting would make a bunch of file explore windows open.
-Added initial ground work for other languages (e.g. English-UK).
-Added compatibility for Windows 10 creators update.
-Added compatibility for new images that will not use the hidden admin account for service processing.
-Reworked the way we verify our images for major speed increase after initial drive creation of each image.
-Downloading images speed (mbps) display algorithm enhanced.
-Enhanced security fixes.
-Text fixes.
-Minor bug fixes.
FreshStart HD app changes (v1.4.0.42):
-Fixed a hidden bug where the old drive was corrupt or too damaged for a Freshstart but instead a pop up messages stating “The drive selected is 32bit and that does not match this new drive which is 64bit…”
-Fixed bug where sometimes FreshStart would not log into each account to finish customizing the user profile.
-StartFresh services should now auto start when launched on customers machine (no more clicking on bottom left button to start the process).
-Fixed minor bug when the customers old drive has too much data to transfer into the new drive (pop-up added).
-Added support of the Freshstart service that does not process as the hidden admin account.
-Logging enhancements.
-Text fixes.
-Minor bug fixes.
FS_User_Customizer app changes (v1.1.0.1):
-Added ability to remove FreshStart service account other than the hidden admin account.
-Minor bug fixes.