FreshStart Tech Console changes:
-Added Windows 10 Education and Enterprise selection options (images will be available soon).
-Changed AV product used by FreshStart from ESET to Microsoft AV.
-Changed “Update AV Definitions” button to download definitions from Microsoft servers.
-Fixed minor issue where download files form would become unresponsive.
-Enhanced methods of connecting to the license server.
-Stability/performance fixes.

-Updated Freshstart HD application.
-Freshstart HD auto login feature during Freshstart and New PC DT has been updated to detect and work with different user account scenarios.
-Freshstart HD StartFresh and Restart features received minor bug fixes.
-Freshstart HD Freshstart and New PC DT on customers’ domain PC’s issues have been fixed (especially if connected to the internet during service).
-Freshstart HD application now updates and uses Microsoft AV during the service.
-Freshstart HD received minor performance/bug fixes.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, definitely do not hesitate to let us know!