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Service Providers: Managed Service Providers

If you’re an MSP, you should be selling FreshStart services as a better alternative to new PC purchases to all of your Windows PC customers with older model desktop or laptop PCs.

You should also be selling FreshStart as a Windows 10 upgrade solution to all of your Windows 7 PC customers. Why? Because you will make more money on the service, you will save your customers a lot of money, and you will dramatically reduce the number of trouble calls you receive and the associated labor costs for dealing with dying hard drives.

To learn how to incorporate FreshStart into your service offerings, review the FreshStart Business Opportunity for MSPs video below. Then fill the MSP REGISTRATION FORM and send it to info@cyber-spa.com. We will contact you and make sure that you have everything you need to get started.

In the meantime, we also recommend that you watch the video on Selling FreshStart Services and our Step by Step Guide for MSPs. Once you’ve registered, you could be delivering FreshStart services the very next day. It’s that easy!

Register as a FreshStart MSP

To become a FreshStart managed service provider and gain access to discounted drives and additional resources, please send the completed registration form to info@cyber-spa.com.

Purchase FreshStart License Keys

FreshStart and UpLevel Systems: How It Works

This video takes you through everything you need to start providing your Managed Services customers with the FreshStart and Unbox service solution! FreshStart gets rid of all those hard-drive related issues on your customers’ PCs, making them run better-than -new. The Unbox solution helps you keep them that way!


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