Heads up to all Techs (and anyone using Windows 10): Microsoft is planning a change for Windows 10 with their upcoming 1903 update.  Essentially, this will now create “reserved storage”, which is a certain amount of memory set aside in your partition that cannot be altered and will be required to be there.  The reason?  It’s possible that if you fill your HD to capacity, you can end up in a situation where Windows can no longer update, or several apps can no longer run.  https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/filecab/2019/01/07/windows-10-and-reserved-storage/

So what’s the problem?  For starters, those who have smaller HDs may not be happy to hear that MS is taking 7 GB of their hard drive and essentially claiming it as their own, regardless of whether you like it or not.  Likewise, some are critical because they see this as a means for Microsoft to more easily make it so that Window 10 updates automatically, and Windows 10 updates don’t have the best track record.

For Techs, bear in mind that for your customers with older, smaller HDs (around 120 GB), this 7 GB may be an issue.  Use this opportunity to talk with them about potentially upgrading their HD storage capacity, especially at a time like this when SSD prices are at a historic low.