Continuing their push to cut down on the seemingly endless number of passwords people need to remember nowadays, Microsoft is looking to embrace facial-recognition technology for Windows 10 in 2019, which would allow you to sign in to Windows 10 simply by looking at your Webcam.

Looking to release their own ultra high-resolution 4K Webcams in 2019 (both for Windows 10 and XBox One), Microsoft is looking to replicate similar technology that already exists on their Microsoft Surface.  The difference is that the Surface Webcam is built into the system, while this Webcam would embrace the use of USB-C technology, allowing for simple installation, and even simpler sign in.

As the sheer number of passwords that people must remember becomes more and more over the top (and less secure, considering the proliferation of data breaches we’ve seen in 2018), it should come as no surprise that companies are embracing means to increase security and ease-of-use.