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Ed Bond - FreshStart PC Kit by Cyberspa - Baltimore, MDEd Bond has been a critical member of the CyberSpa team for more than four years, and it’s thanks to his skills and efforts that FreshStart has evolved into the product we offer today. Bond is our Technical Director, in charge of implementing all of the product’s new features and maintaining up-to-date images of the software packages.

When he first learned about FreshStart, Bond was working as a senior tech at Staples while pursuing his degree in Information Science and Systems from Morgan State University. This was during the first iteration of the product, when the program required a service machine and took hours to complete with a significant amount of technician input. Recognizing the potential of the product, Bond officially joined the CyberSpa team in 2012.

Upon accepting his new role, Bond’s top priority was to streamline the FreshStart process. “We wanted to make the program more efficient by cutting down the service time without having to cut out any of the program functionalities,” Bond says. “The first version of the product took more than four hours to complete the service, and it wasn’t very portable. It required a service machine, which meant taking it to a customer’s home or office was impractical.”

The FreshStart product has significantly evolved since that first generation, thanks to the work of Bond and the feedback received from technicians and FreshStart customers. The process is now completely automated and pre-loaded onto FreshStart hard drives, which meant fewer tools and less time the technicians have to spend on each FreshStart. Bond also upgraded the program to include features like gathering keys for third party software, and adding an option for consumers whose hard drives have completely failed.

Bond also has some advice for any service providers considering offering a FreshStart service to their customers. “Selling a FreshStart service to a customer is so much easier than having to perform a virus removal or system restore service. Sometimes you cannot remove all the viruses, so your customer’s PC still might have a few quirks when you boot it up again. Recovery CDs are no longer given with a pc, which means you have to either have that installation packet on hand, or you have to do some digging to find the right software to download. Doing a FreshStart is the quickest way to get a customer’s machine back up and running with minimal effort from the tech.”

So, what does he see in the future of FreshStart? “Our goal is to keep improving the FreshStart product, both for the customers who are getting their PCs FreshStarted, and for the techs delivering the service,” explains Bond. “We want to make the service even faster, and to add support for more popular applications as we receive requests. Feedback—both from our customers and our techs—helps us determine where we can take the product from here.”

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