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If you don't expect to do at least 10 services a month and have no interest in being on the map, you can purchase individual license keys from the link below.

Download the Imaging Tool and the FreshStart WIM images, check out our Training Videos, and look at the marketing materials you can use to promote your new FreshStart service.


Buy FreshStart License Keys!

When you're ready to start selling FreshStart, head to our store to purchase your key!

Buy Discounted Drives!

Accutech is offering discounted drives and cables to FreshStart service providers! Simply create an account with Accutech, then choose from a selection of drive sizes and types to find the ones that work best for your customers.

Download the Imaging Tool

Ready to set up your service PC? Click here to download the Imaging Tool and FreshStart WIM images!

Training Materials

Visit our training materials page for FreshStart service videos and our FAQs.

Marketing Materials

FreshStart Service Providers can download our marketing materials to promote their services!

Terms of Service

Review the FreshStart Terms of Service before becoming a FreshStart Service Provider.