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We like to talk about how great FreshStart is for our customers—they get a better hard drive, their data is virus-free, and all of their files and settings are copied over to the new drive, it’s cheaper than buying a new computer, etc. The list of benefits for your customers goes on and on, but if you’re not familiar with the product yourself, you might wonder how FreshStart will benefit you as a tech. How does FreshStart compare to some of the services you’re already doing for your customers, and how can you as a technician benefit by providing this service in lieu of each service individually?

It’s Easy

From a technician’s point of view, this is one of the easiest, most comprehensive services you can provide. When you offer a FreshStart, you’re essentially offering four services in one: a hard drive replacement, data transfer, virus removal, and an automated Windows update. Customers also get 90 days of Norton Security to keep them safe for three months. This service can be performed either at your shop or at a customer’s home or office. The most technical work you’ll have to do is remove the hard drive and plug in the old drive—everything else is handled during the automated process, or completed by the customer after the program finishes. If your customer needs further assistance after the process is complete, you can offer your services.

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It’s Affordable

FreshStart is affordable for both customers and service providers. The Kit comes with everything you need to complete the FreshStart process, and will cost the customer a fraction of the cost of a new computer. It also costs less for the customer than to get the separate services of a hard drive installation, virus scan, data transfer, and new Windows and other software installation, which makes it a highly appealing service.

For service providers, you can make a good profit for about 30 minute’s worth of work. Most of our techs charge about $99 for a FreshStart service, which means they get $90 for half an hour of work. Plus, offering a FreshStart Service gives you a chance to upsell additional items or services, such as a case for their hard drive, a return visit to reinstall any missing programs, and so forth. Spending less time performing this service also means that you have more time to help other customers.

It’s Fast

Think about how long it takes to perform the following tasks individually: a full virus scan, a data transfer, a new installation of Windows, and a hard drive replacement. You might spend a whole day completing those services, or spread the work out over a few days. Individually, they take a lot of your time, and it means your customer is waiting days without his or her computer. For you, each separate service requires babysitting and checking in from time to time to make sure all of the scans are still working.

The amount of time you spend on a FreshStart Service is typically 30 minutes or less. It takes about 5 minutes to replace the hard drive, 10 minutes for the program to boot up, and another 10 minutes for it to reach its “all clear” stage. The whole process itself usually takes about an hour, although depending on the amount of data being transferred, it could take up to four hours.

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It’s Oncoming

People are holding onto their PCs longer, which means that they’re going to run into issues associated with old computers: failing hard drives, slow startup and programs, limited storage, etc. They’ll need to get their PCs serviced, and they’ll want alternatives to more extensive repairs. Because of its comprehensive nature, a FreshStart is an attractive and affordable solution for customers who want to hold on to their old PCs for a few more years. If you offer this service to your customers, you’re helping customers keep their PCs running a little longer while doing a great service for your community.

We’ve partnered with industry leaders like Western Digital and Symantec to ensure that our customers are getting top quality products for the best prices available. When they get their PCs repaired, customers will want to go with names that they know and trust. We’re constantly working on improving our program, too, to make sure that we offer what our customers want and need.

We’ve also made it easy for customers to find techs in their area. Our contract with Velexo services means that their registered technicians receive alerts when a FreshStart opportunity is available in their area. As a Velexo tech, you can pick and choose which assignments you take based on your availability, and you don’t have to wait for the customers to come to you. You can learn about becoming a Velexo certified technician on their website.

We encourage you to read more about the FreshStart process to see how you can best offer these services to your customers. You can get started by visiting our Calling PC Service Providers page to get an overview of the product. We also suggest watching our 6-minute how-to installation video to see how it works. To learn more about offering a FreshStart service in your community, be sure to read our FreshStart Service Providers Guide.

If you have any questions about offering a FreshStart, email us at info@cyber-spa.com. We hope you’ll join the ever-growing family of FreshStart service providers!