BALTIMORE, Oct. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — CyberSpa LLC, a Baltimore based software company, is launching a new product that for as little as $99, will allow PC owners to eliminate performance problems and protect their current PC without ever leaving their home or office.
CyberSpa has teamed up with the leading security software company, Symantec to bring the PC FreshStart Kit to market.

Using CyberSpa’s automated PC service software, which is shipped pre-installed on a brand new high capacity Western Digital hard drive, a Windows PC owner can remove viruses and help improve their PC’s performance.

The PC Fresh Start Kit will include a one year subscription of Norton Security by Symantec, which will help ensure that the user’s PC stays virus free. Norton Security will be active the moment the Windows PC connects to the Internet to help safeguard the user’s PC from viruses.

It should also be noted that every PC FreshStart Kit is assembled, packaged and shipped in Baltimore, Maryland under contract to CyberSpa by the employees of the Chimes, a $180M non-profit that provides training and creates job opportunities for adults with disabilities.

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