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The Future of Windows PC service has arrived and with it begins a new age of longer PC lifespans and better PC performance and security.


Through our partnership with WD/SanDisk we invite MSPs, Electronics Repair Stores, and Independent Techs to join us in delivering the world’s most affordable, effective, and cyber-secure solution to ALL your customers’ Windows PC problems. Become a Licensed FreshStart Service Provider today!

Want to see what your customers see?

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The time for FreshStart is Now!

For years and years, the clock has been ticking on those electro-mechanical hard drives. Their short lifespans have been reducing the entire PC lifespans for over a decade, mostly due to the high cost and complexity involved in getting a truly comprehensive and secure drive replacement service. FreshStart eliminates that problem.

And now the clock is ticking for 30% of more than 300 million Windows PC owners in America still running Windows 7 PCs. On January 14, 2020 Windows 7 went end of life. FreshStart not only fully automates upgrades to Windows 10, it also offers a simple, low-cost upgrade to higher performance and more durable SSDs.

What is a FreshStart Service?

  • A Fully Automated SSD drive Upgrade
  • A Fully Automated Win 7 to 10 Upgrade
  • A clean new Windows OS and other software installed
  • A full ESET Virus scan
  • Comprehensive & Secure file transfer
  • All Files, Setting and Favorites in the same place on the new drive
  • All bloatware, malware, and viruses 100% gone
  • The old drive returned unaltered for use as a backup
  • A Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Same Day Service Available


Starting at $149 including a new SanDisk 240GB SSD

  • Average Service Time – 1 hour
  • Average Hands on Tech Time – 15 minutes


We are looking for MSPs, Electronics Repair Retail Stores, and Independent PC Service Techs who take pride in delivering to their customers the best services available! To learn more about becoming a FreshStart Service Provider click on your tab at the top of our home page.

FreshStart Services are now available at participating, CPR, UBREAKIFIX and Micro Center stores nationwide. To see who is offering services in your area go to www.mypcfreshstart.com