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Licensed FreshStart Service Provider Program

This PDF will tell you everything you need to know about becoming a licensed FreshStart Service Provider. For more information, contact info@cyber-spa.com. 


Introducing the FreshStart Automated SSD Upgrade System

The future of PC services is here! Forget the traditional PC services that are time-consuming and yield inconsistent results. With a FreshStart Automated SSD Upgrade System, you can easily upgrade a customer’s PC to next-generation SSD performance with 5-star results every time.

It’s easy! Setup takes about 15 minutes of effort, and the automated FreshStart software does the rest. The whole process takes an average of one hour, which is perfect for customers looking for fast, affordable, and excellent PC performance delivered in a same-day service.

The numbers don’t lie:

The average FreshStart service takes only an hour to deliver and at a price of $149.99, including a new 240 GB SSD, can deliver to you a $100 profit for every service. If you do just one service a day or just 25 services a month that is $2,500 profit a month for your business. Finding one customer a day with a 2 or more-year-old, poorly performing PC should not be too hard. We estimate there are over 200 million of them just in the US!

Support your community

Become the top-rated PC service provider in your community by:

  • Offering the most comprehensive and effective PC service solutions
  • Offering the best value and most affordable PC service solutions
  • Delivering PC performance that will wow your customers
  • Returning the PC to your customer 100% virus and malware free
  • AND delivering everything as a same day service!

Everything You Need In One PC!

The new FreshStart Automated SSD Upgrade System has everything you need to start delivering FreshStart services to your community! When you purchase your FreshStart system, you’re getting:

  • A new laptop computer configured to deliver FreshStart services anywhere
  • A new high speed SSD installed by Micro Center
  • A “New PC FreshStart” service performed on that laptop to remove any bloatware
  • The FreshStart drive imaging tool and all 14 FreshStart WIM images securely installed
  • A preinstalled 500-use FreshStart License Key
  • All FreshStart training and marketing videos and documents installed on the desktop
  • A USB 3.0 SATA drive dock that supports both 2.5” and 3.5” drives
  • A one-year hardware warranty
  • A one year ESET license for the service PC

Once your FreshStart System arrives, all you need to start delivering FreshStart Service is:

  • An extension cord with two 3-prong ports
  • A PC tool kit (although usually just a small Philips screwdriver)
  • An internet connection for virus definition updates, WIM image updates, and Windows license key activation

If you already have a Windows service PC with at least 200GB and a good drive dock you can order a FreshStart Drive instead for just $150. Here is what you get with your FreshStart Drive and Licensed FSP Registration:

  • A new SanDisk 240GB SSD (can be sold once transfer completed)
  • A SATA to USB 3.0 Cable
  • 10 free key uses during the month of purchase
  • Instructions for transferring the following items resident on the drive
    • FreshStart Imaging Tool
    • All 14 FreshStart WIM Images
    • One 500-use FreshStart License Key
    • On PC Desktop Training Videos
    • On PC Desktop Marketing Videos
    • On PC Desktop Marketing Materials
    • On PC Desktop FAQs

Your monthly $150 FreshStart Service Provider Fee includes the following:

  • 10 Free FreshStart Key uses a month
  • A discounted FreshStart key price of $15 a key
  • Your business or store profile and contact information listed on our nationwide FreshStart service provider map
  • Notification and download of all FreshStart software updates
  • Access to our FreshStart Service Provider blog to learn how to sell more services

If you plan to do ten or more services a month and would like to have customers find you on our www.mypcfreshstart.com website, order your FreshStart System or Drive today and we will contact you to get you set up as one of our Licensed FreshStart Service Providers!


Licensed FreshStart Service Provider Form

To become a licensed FreshStart Service Provider and receive all of the great program benefits listed above, fill out the form below and send it to info@cyber-spa.com. One of our associates will be in touch!

Buy your FreshStart Drive!

Interested in purchasing the FreshStart Drive and becoming a licensed FreshStart Service Provider? Click here to purchase your drive, and remember to email us a completed registration form!

Ready to purchase your FreshStart Drive or FreshStart System?

Please complete the form below, and then click “Order Now.” Once we receive your purchase order, we will be in touch to discuss next steps. Questions? Email info@cyber-spa.com

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Once you decide to become a FreshStart Service Provider you then just need to make a decision about what kind of service provider you want to be:

The Lebowski

If you’re just looking for something easy to get a little extra change in your wallet, you can take the Lebowski approach to FreshStart services.

  • Number of FreshStart Services a month – 10 services
  • Total work hours a month (at 1-hour per service) – 10 hours
  • Monthly FreshStart Service Profits: $1,000

The Part-Time Gig

If you’re looking to make some serious cash from just an hour’s worth of work, one FreshStart a day is your target!

  • Number of FreshStart Services a month – 25 services
  • Total work hours a month (at 1-hour per service) – 25 hours
  • Monthly FreshStart Service Profits: $2,500

The Entrepreneur

If you’re looking to make a good living by doing great things for the PC owners in your community, you’re a FreshStart entrepreneur!

  • Number of FreshStart Services a month – 50 to 100 services
  • Total work hours a month (at 1-hour per service) – 50 to 100 hours
  • Monthly FreshStart Service Profits: $5,000 to $10,000


Micro Center helped CyberSpa launch their FreshStart service in October of 2016. Over the last 2 years, with only 25 stores nationwide, they have delivered over 15,000 FreshStart services.


FreshStart is currently available at participating Cell Phone Repair, uBreakiFix, and Micro Center stores nationwide! To find a service provider near you, please visit MyPCFreshStart.com and check out our service provider map!

Our retailer and onsite service provider partners offer a wide variety of our FreshStart products and services to their customers. The companies below are just a few examples of some of the businesses currently offering one or more FreshStart products and services.

We hope you will decide to become a Licensed FreshStart Service Provider and become part of our nationwide FreshStart service delivery team! We’re currently looking for franchise or independent PC repair stores, independent PC service providers, MSP’s, IT services providers and tech savvy entrepreneurs looking to become the better alternative to buying a new PC in their community. For more details, please contact us at info@cyber-spa.com.


If you’re not yet ready to become a Licensed FreshStart Service Provider but would like to try offering these services to your current customers to try it out, you can download the FreshStart Imaging Tool and FreshStart WIM images, and purchase individual FreshStart license keys as needed. Click here to learn more.


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