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We’ve worked with hundreds of techs to provide thousands of services to customers nationwide. We’ve worked with techs in businesses large and small, on the road and behind the counter, in the US and beyond. Our goal is simple: make it easy for techs to provide the easiest, most comprehensive, and affordable PC Service solution to customers everywhere.

Below are a few examples of the many techs we’ve worked with over the years, and how they’ve benefited from offering FreshStart services to their customers.

Independent Service Providers

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“We began offering FreshStart services to our customers in 2015. To date we have delivered dozens of FreshStart services. My customers love the way their PC’s perform after a FreshStart.The automated FreshStart process also saves my techs lots of service time, while still delivering to my customers a really comprehensive and secure PC service solution.

We are very excited about the new FreshStart product. This product is a step up from the previous FreshStart offering now that it includes a full integrated virus data scan. Plus, it makes upgrading to Windows 10 a breeze! Our techs love how fast and easy the service is, and our customers get a great service and go home happy.”

Phil Rice

PRR Computers, LLC

Whether you are a one-person business or you work with a team of techs, you will love providing your customers with FreshStart! We offer customizable marketing materials for you to promote your business wherever you go. Have a store location? We’ll add you to our Certified Service Provider map to help customers find you!

In-Store Service Providers

Micro Center is one of the largest computer and consumer electronics retailers in the United States. They have 25 retail stores nationwide, and their helpful, friendly OEM and A+ Certified Technicians have repaired tens of thousands of computers. No appointment is necessary, and walk-ins are welcome.

Micro Center

For service providers with stores and service locations, we can add you to our map and help you customize materials to promote your FreshStart service. We offer training materials for your tech teams, and we can schedule one-on-one sessions to help your team learn more about the available FreshStart services.

Get tips on how to bundle additional services and products with your FreshStart service to make sure that your customer goes home 100% satisfied with their PC’s performance.

Depot Service Providers

FedEx offers fast drop-off & pick-up FreshStart service to customers with laptop PCs at any of their over 1,800 FedEx Office Stores Nationwide. Laptops are packaged in-store, shipped overnight to the FedEx TechConnect depot for service, then shipped back to the customer’s store location for pickup. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


You don’t have to have a specific location to offer the FreshStart service. You can perform a FreshStart anywhere, so long as you have the tools necessary to image and install a drive.

E-Commerce Businesses

Beginning in May, Newegg will be offering the FreshStart Automated Drive Replacement Tool to customers interested in purchasing a replacement or upgrade SSD or HDD. These customers will be able to purchase everything they need to complete a FreshStart service through the NewEgg store.


If your ecommerce site currently sells hard drives and SSDs, then you should consider offering our FreshStart Automated Drive Replacement Software as a bundle option with the sale of any replacement hard drive. Our store based techs around the country tell us that our software turns a monotonous 4-hour task into a 15 minute “no brainer.” We offer a downloadable version of our software for more technically savvy customers looking to replace and or upgrade their current PC hard drive. Our software works great with both HDD and SSD drives, as well as desktop and laptop PCs. FreshStart software can help you sell more replacement drives by making the process easy and affordable.

To learn more about becoming an ecommerce business partner, send an email to ashay@cyber-spa.com.

Become a Licensed FreshStart Service Provider!

To learn more about becoming a licensed FreshStart Service provider, please complete the Business Contact Form below and email us at info@cyber-spa.com. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Be sure to check out our other resources as well!

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