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Today we have nationwide and international electronics retailers and PC service providers like Micro Center that offer a wide variety of our FreshStart products and services to their customers. The companies below are just a few examples of some of the businesses currently offering one or more FreshStart products and services.

We’re currently looking for electronics retailers, ecommerce companies, software distributors, or PC service providers interested in offering our FreshStart products and services to customers worldwide. For more details, please contact us at info@cyber-spa.com.

About Micro Center:

Micro Center is one of the largest computer and consumer electronics retailers in the United States. Their helpful, friendly OEM and A+ Certified Technicians have repaired tens of thousands of computers. No appointment is necessary, and walk-ins are welcome.

Micro Center stores offer our complete FreshStart Services suite, including FreshStart services for older and new PCs. The Micro Center website, www.microcenter.com, offers the FreshStart Automated Drive Replacement Tool (ADRT) for our Do-It-Yourself customers.

About FedEx:

FedEx offers a fast drop-off & pick-up FreshStart Depot service to customers with laptop PCs at any of their over 1,800 FedEx Office Stores Nationwide. Laptops are packaged in-store, shipped overnight to the FedEx TechConnect depot for service, then shipped back to the customer’s store location for pickup. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
To learn more about the FedEx FreshStart process, visit our FedEx page for FreshStart customers.

About Newegg:

Newegg is one of the leading online retailers that offers more than 10 million products to their customers looking for both technical parts and mainstream items. They are often the go-to site for professional technicians and tech-enthusiasts alike. Newegg offers the FreshStart Automated Drive Replacement Tool (ADRT) to customers interested in purchasing a replacement or upgrade SSD or HDD. These customers will be able to purchase everything they need to complete a FreshStart service through the NewEgg store.

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