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Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v. 2.3.2004

*2.3.2004* FreshStart Tech Console changes: - Added a breakpoint feature setting selection for specific clients. - Added ability see progress of the Image verification process. - Added ability to cancel drive creation process during Image verification process. - Fixed...

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v. 2.2.3008

FreshStart Tech Console changes: - Drive history remains even after application has been closed (no longer resets every session). - Added Date/Time (your local time) of drive imaging to Drive History area. - Fixed minor bugs in new drive selection refresh feature. -...

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v.2.2.2008

*2.2.2008* FreshStart Tech Console changes: - Drive imaging algorithm reworked to provide best performance on hardware and processing now happens on the Tech Console. - Removed the script that runs at application exit (deleting dlls and temp folders). We can have them...

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v. 2.2.1008

*2.2.1008* FreshStart Tech Console changes: -Updated images alerts are now live.  You will not notice anything visually until an image is updated in the future.  When an image update is available, you will see a label above download images button that reads "Image...

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v. 2.1.1305

*2.1.1305* FreshStart Tech Console changes: -Added fail safe feature for drivers (pain point fixed).  If drive creation fails during Data Transfer or Restart service, you normally would get a message stating that drivers do not exist on the drive while attempting to...

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v. 2.1.1202

*2.1.1202* FreshStart Tech Console changes: -Added auto uploading of logs generated from "Having issues? Create service log..." label/button to our servers for easier troubleshooting (no more emailing log files). -Other minor bug fixes.

Patch Notes: Imaging Tool v. 2.1.1163

*2.1.1163* FreshStart Tech Console changes: -Revamped download images algorithm and added a re-try feature to ensure download success. -Fixed bug where you would download a new image but the old image was never removed. -Fixed multi-threading bugs. -Speed improvements...

Patch Notes: FreshStart Tech Console v.2.1.1151

Greetings, We just pushed an update for the tech console; Please see below for a list of the changes and fixes included in version 2.1.1151.   *2.1.1151* FrehStart Tech Console changes: -Removed some pop up messages when things were a success (e.g. no more "drive...

Now Offering FreshStart Imaging Keys!

Now offering FreshStart Keys! When you have a walk-in customer, they’re there for immediate PC help. A FreshStart may solve all of their problems, but they might not want to wait for the Kit to come in. Now, you can offer an even faster solution: on-the-spot...

How Does FreshStart Compare to My Previous Services?

We like to talk about how great FreshStart is for our customers—they get a better hard drive, their data is virus-free, and all of their files and settings are copied over to the new drive, it’s cheaper than buying a new computer, etc. The list of benefits for your customers goes on and on, but if you’re not familiar with the product yourself, you might wonder how FreshStart will benefit you as a tech. How does FreshStart compare to some of the services you’re already doing for your customers, and how can you as a technician benefit by providing this service in lieu of each service individually?


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