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We believe that FreshStart PC Service is the most comprehensive, affordable, and cyber-secure PC service in the world. Our software fully automates the PC drive replacement process, turning 4 hours of work into a 15 minute effort.

FreshStart offers a way to dramatically increase the performance and security of your customers’ Windows PCs at a fraction of the cost of PC replacement. Becoming a FreshStart Service Provider will help you build your business and your reputation for delivering quality service solutions.


Interested in becoming a FreshStart Service Provider? Download and complete our Business Form and email it to info@cyber-spa.com!


Whether you offer services from a retail electronics store or onsite services in your customers’ home or office, FreshStart services are designed to be delivered quickly and effectively either behind the service counter or onsite at the customer’s location. Our FreshStart Automated Drive Replacement Tool software allows you to deliver a solution to all of your customers’ PC Problems (other than broken hardware) in typically under an hour.

To learn about becoming a certified FreshStart Service Provider, download the form below:


Are your customers interested in saving money? A consumer who FreshStart’s their PC after 3 or 4 years of use rather than buying a new one saves hundreds of dollars. A large company or organization with hundreds of PCs can save hundreds of thousands of dollars while at the same time improving PC performance and employee productivity.

Are your customers concerned about PC security? Every FreshStarted PC is 100% Malware and Virus-free at the conclusion of the service.

Do your customers care about the environment? Doubling the effective life of every desktop and laptop PC would mean effectively cutting the growing problem of PC related E-Waste by 50%.

To learn more about becoming a certified FreshStart Service Provider, complete the form below:


CyberSpa is actively seeking business partners in other countries and regions around the world to make this unique technology available to their citizens and businesses. CyberSpa is offering to qualified companies exclusive territory licensing rights to include the following:

  • Licensing of FreshStart Software to Ecommerce companies
  • Licensing of FreshStart Software to IT Service Providers
  • Development of country or region specific modification to the FreshStart product and related marketing and support material

If your company is interested in learning more about this opportunity please send an email message to ashay@cyber-spa.com.



If your ecommerce site currently sells hard drives and SSDs, then you should consider offering our FreshStart Automated Drive Replacement Software as a bundle option with the sale of any replacement hard drive. Our store based techs around the country tell us that our software turns a monotonous 4-hour task into a 15 minute “no brainer.” We offer a downloadable version of our software for more technically savvy customers looking to replace and or upgrade their current PC hard drive. Our software works great with both HDD and SSD drives, as well as desktop and laptop PCs. FreshStart software can help you sell more replacement drives by making the process easy and affordable.

To learn more about becoming an ecommerce business partner, send an email to ashay@cyber-spa.com.



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