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We believe that FreshStart PC Service is the most comprehensive, affordable, and cyber-secure PC service in the world. Our software fully automates the PC drive replacement process, turning 4 hours of work into a 15 minute effort.

FreshStart offers a way to dramatically increase the performance and security of your customers’ Windows PCs at a fraction of the cost of PC replacement. Becoming a FreshStart Service Provider will help you build your business and your reputation for delivering quality service solutions.


We offer three different FreshStart solutions so you can choose the offerings that best work for your business and your customers’ needs:

FreshStart Automated Drive Replacement Tool (ADRT)

A DIY software tool that is sold directly to customers looking for an easy way to set up their replacement hard drives and transfer data to the new drive. This solution helps companies that already sell internal drives boost sales and offers an affordable, easy to use solution to your customers.

While-You-Wait & Same-Day FreshStart Services

If you’re a diverse retailer business interested in offering PC services to your customers, we have a FreshStart solution that can be performed by non-technical staff with about 15 minutes of hands-on work. Your customers can use this opportunity to spend more time shopping in your store while they wait for the service to complete.

If you are a smaller or more focused retailer, you can offer FreshStart as a same-day-service for customers who drop off their PC in the morning and pick it up later in the day.

FreshStart Products & Services Suite

For businesses looking to expand their existing PC service offerings, we offer a full suite of FreshStart products and services to meet every customer’s PC needs. This expanded line of services includes options for customers purchasing new PCs in addition to our premier FreshStart products for older PCs.

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