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FreshStart Kit - PC Computer

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CyberSpa works to double the life of every Windows PC worldwide while dramatically reducing cost of ownership, enhancing PC performance, improving security, and increasing data privacy.

FreshStart - New Hard Drive - Baltimore, MD

All About FreshStart

We offer six FreshStart Services to handle all of your customer’s PC needs.

FreshStart International - Cyberspa

FreshStart International

There are estimated to be over 1.2 billion Microsoft Windows PCs worldwide. Microsoft is projecting that by 2017, 1 Billion of those will be running Windows 10.

FreshStart for the Enterprise - Cyberspa

FreshStart for the Enterprise

The money that a consumer saves by FreshStarting their PC versus buying a new one is significant.

Calling all PC Service Providers - Cyberspa

Calling all PC Service Providers

We now offer PC service providers a comprehensive and inexpensive solution that will guarantee a happy customer.

FreshStart Benefits

A PC FreshStart is an easy, automated and comprehensive way to upgrade your Windows PC.
It is designed to be a lower cost and more effective alternative to traditional online or store-based PC services, or buying a new PC.


Most Comprehensive Service


PC Security


Low Cost




Data Privacy


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About Us

CyberSpa LLC, founded in 2010, is a Baltimore-based technology company that develops licenses and sells automated PC service and security software. The company’s FreshStart Services are being delivered worldwide, primarily by retail store-based PC service providers, and to larger business and government clients through licensed IT Service companies. FreshStart Services are provided by certified service providers under license from CyberSpa.

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