What is a PC FreshStart?

A PC FreshStart is an easy, automated and comprehensive way to upgrade your Windows PC. It is designed to be a lower cost and more effective alternative to traditional big box store drop off PC services, or buying a new PC. What you get from a PC FreshStart is:

  • A brand new Western Digital hard drive with more storage capacity
  • Clean new malware free installs of your Windows operating system and favorite software
  • A complete scan of all your data files using Norton Security along with a full one year of Norton Security protection
  • All of your files, settings and favorites transferred to the new hard drive and put right where you left them

What is a
PC FreshStart Kit?

A PC FreshStart Kit is a box that can be ordered directly by consumers and small business owners from a participating online retailer that includes everything that you need to be able to do a PC FreshStart without ever leaving your home or office.  The Kit includes:

  • A brand new Western Digital Hard Drive
  • The FreshStart program and all other new software already loaded on the new hard drive
  • A free one year license to Norton Security which is also used to clean up your files before being transferred to your new hard drive
  • A cable to connect your old drive to your PC which allows our automated PC FreshStart program to virus scan your data files and copy data, settings and favorites to your new drive
  • A mini screwdriver to help you remove your old drive
  • A thank you card from the Chimes for helping to employ the disabled adult who packed and shipped this kit for you

PC FreshStart Kit prices start at $99.98

Service Instruction for Techs

This 8+ minute training video also found on our product support site www.mypcfreshstart.com shows a service tech everything they need to know to help deliver a FreshStart service