What is CyberSpa?

CyberSpa develops and licenses fully automated PC service solutions to both national and local companies either currently in the PC service business or looking to enter this large and growing market.


CyberSpa Workbench™

The CyberSpa workbench is a sophisticated forensic system designed to deliver automated solutions to the most common PC service problems.


CyberSpa Services include:

  • FreshStart™, New Hard Drive and Software Refresh Service
  • Virus Removal, Totally Secure Service
  • Secure Data Transfer, Virus Free Transfer of all of your data files.
  • All at a fraction of the price of a new PC!


CyberSpa, changing the game in PC services

Happy CyberSpa Customers


Since 2009 CyberSpa has serviced and extended the lives of thousands of PC’s through our partnerships. That’s thousands of computers kept out of landfills and thousands of happy customers. With your help we will continue to change the game in PC service delivery.

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