What is FreshStart?

FreshStart is an automated and comprehensive service delivery solution for Windows PC’s that was designed to be delivered by PC service professionals in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional hard drive and software replacement services. The primary benefits to our service providers are:

  • An automated service solution that takes about an hour to perform, but only about 15 minutes of hands on time.
  • A comprehensive service that generates noticeable performance benefits and over a 98% customer satisfaction rate and lots of referral business!
  • A way for you to offer to your customers a dramatically lower cost alternative to buying a new PC that can add 3 to 4 years of life to their current laptop or desktop PC.
  • An easy to order and easy to deliver service. Everything is already loaded on the new FreshStartHD drive that we send you, ready to install.

How to Become a
FreshStart Provider?

The criteria to become a certified FreshStart service provider is:

  • You must have a physical facility where local customers can bring their PC’s for service or if you are home based, offer PC pick-up & return service, or on-site service.
  • You must have the necessary tools to perform the FreshStart service.
  • You must have a website where we can direct customers responding to our nationwide advertising or who visit our consumer service website.
  • You must agree to review our FreshStart sales and service delivery training guides, and agree to deliver the service as described in those guides.
Find Out More

Selling FreshStart…

This 4 minute video tells you everything you need to know about qualifying your prospects and selling the FreshStart Service: